Sulphate Free Shampoo


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  • Sulphate removes the natural oils from your scalp and you are often left with hair that feels ‘strum’ even though your scalp feels clean. Curly girls want to preserve those oils so they use sulphate free shampoo’s.
  • Our sulphate free shampoo leaves your hair feeling silky soft after washing.
  • The shampoo is safe to use on chemically treated hair – if you relax or do Brazilian treatments on your hair.


Directions of use: Wet your hair as you would usually and then apply the shampoo (amount depends on the length of hair and how many times you like washing). Wash twice and rinse off all the shampoo.

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2 reviews for Sulphate Free Shampoo

  1. lana

    Amazing product! I need a 1 litre bottle please:)

    • Liesl

      LOL we can work something out for you! :)

  2. Rezhaan

    I love this product! It makes my daughter’s hair so soft and doesn’t dry her out hair. It also doesn’t make her knotty like the other shampoos.

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