I’ve been natural all my life, when I asked my mother why she never straightened my hair she replied with: “Your natural hair is curly, why would I want to straighten it?” This was both a blessing and a curse, mostly a blessing but it meant growing up with TONS of hair products in my cupboard and a huge amount of skepticism when products claimed to be for naturally curly hair. Until… Curl Chemistry changed my curly-crowned world! With a [...]


My results from using the curl activator for roller set and flexirods. I’ve been using this product for the last 4months and the outcome of it is always has been amazing…I love that it’s all natural ingredients and has the best smell, better yet it repairs damaged hair as well…let’s face it to find a product that works for you can be a mission, I’m happy that I finally found something that makes my hair happy. I would recommend it [...]


I’ve been using curl chemistry cream since December 2016. I have extremely dry hair so I need a good product to keep my hair hydrated and moisturized. Curl Chemistry has been my GO TO product! It goes where I go! Literally. It is always in my bag. I use it both on wet and dry hair and my hair is shinier, more manageable, my curl definition is amazing and my hair always smells lovely. I’ve had many people ask me [...]


Curl Chemistry Review The product that claims to make your curls POP! Lets put it to the test… Curl Chemistry – Shampoo The shampoo has a fruity, flowery and fresh scent, I’m totally in love with it! When you pour it out on your hand the consistency is not too thick, nor too runny. The shampoo, a beautifully crafted system is infused with rich botanical blend of shea butter, olive oil and pomegranate extract. The key feature of the shampoo [...]


My curls have way more definition after using the products consistently over a longer period of time. I used the entire pomegranate range and after searching for the perfect products for my hair type, I have found my hair care home. My favorite product is definitely the pomegranate curl cream because it doesn’t weigh my hair down, it doesn’t harden my curls, my hair stays moisturized throughout the day and humidity doesn’t change my curl pattern when I use the [...]


I absolutely adore the Curl Chemistry products I bought! They smell amazing and my hair feels so soft and silky. 10/10, will be buying again!

– Lydia Greyling

The smell is awesome and the conditioner makes my hair feel really soft and silky. The butter is so rich and thick im really happy with it so far will definitely buy more and try your other products. Thank you.

– Deidre Morta

I have used many products before both locally and when I have travelled internationally and I can by far say that Curl Chemistry is my most favourite product line . Read More

– Jenine Stevens

I have so far used the curl refreshing spray, the soft holding gel and the sulphate free shampoo. The gel is my absolute fav!  Read More

– Tara Michaels

I love your products. I ordered the detangling conditioner this time, together with my usual shampoo, conditioner and curling cream combo. Read More

– Shalane Bezuidenhout

Honestly im super inlove with the deep conditioner that i ordered my hair feels so soft and is so shiny after i do my treatment… my curls are always popping after the treatment. Read More

– Chenique Morgan



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