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Sample Product To Get Started


This combo is specially designed for those who wants to try the product out for the first time.

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15 reviews for Sample Product To Get Started

  1. Chanay

    I want

  2. karen

    I would like to try this products people all look so stunning

  3. Melissa Eksteen

    I would like to test the product firstly to see the results it will give to my hair and daughters. It does look very promising!

  4. Tiyana Van Der Rheede

    Wow I heard so much about this amazing product.

  5. josephine saxey

    im struggling with my hair and its been a couple of months i did not used any relaxer on my hair. its really thick and brittle . i read all the goodness of the product and im gnna try it out.

    • Liesl

      Hi Josephine, the products will help strengthen your hair but it does take patience and good hair care routines to help your hair grow back healthy again.
      Try our sample set and see how it works for you!

  6. Zhane

    Hi I’m zhane I would love to try this product… I’m a bit concerned because my hair isn’t strong and it’s short

  7. corne Martin

    Hey there i would love to get these products for my daughter’s hair she is 9 years old. Can i use this on her she got very thick dry curly hair? I will start with the sample package. Thank you

    • Liesl

      Hi Corne,

      The products will work well for your daughters dry, thick hair as it contains natural oils to moisturize it.
      Please place your order for the sample set on the Shop tab and we will send your order once we receive payment.

  8. Annelise

    I would like to try it out please

  9. Judith Pietersen

    Heard so much about this product would love to try it on my hair.

  10. melissa

    I would like to try this product.

    • Liesl

      Hi Melissa, kindly please place your order on our shop page if you’d like to order

  11. Lauren

    Hi Ladies

    I normally wear my hair straight and sleek but I want to try something new this summer. Can I use your products to start or activate my curly hair? My hair, when wet, is a little curly but it does not look healthy or refined at all.

    • Liesl

      Hi Lauren, the products do help enhance curls but you can also help by trying finger coils or flexi rods – watch a few videos to see how to style your hair (check our about page for some video links)

  12. lyndsay Robin

    I would love to wear my hair naturally curly, but when I do, my curls always turn out dry and bushy and not defined. Will this help cure that if I just wash, apply product and wear (this is what i would want to do – curls something like the reviewers hair *dreamyEyes* but without putting a dryer to it). Will this product help me in that way?

    • Liesl

      Hi Lyndsay, the products will definitely help moisturize your curls.
      What I must say is, if you’ve had chemicals applied to your hair or heat damage, then try styles like flexi rods or bantu knots to get more definition.

      Remember we mistreated and fried our hair for years so now we need to give it time to flourish again 🙂
      All the best!

  13. Cyrilene

    Hi there im tried perming my hair just to get a bit of a curl but its still straight…would like to try this product …is it suitable for all hair types?

  14. Zoë Wegewarth

    Hi, I’ve got naturally curly hair and my curls are between tight and bouncy curls but last year I started using Aunt Jackies curling custard and it worked for a while but I slowly but surely stopped using it when I saw that my curls were slowly disappearing. I stopped using Aunt Jackies months ago but now my hair is basically just straight and my tips are here and there a bit curly but not much.
    Will this product help me get my curls back ?
    Also, is all 3 of these products added into a package for the price of R140?

    • Liesl

      Hi there 🙂

      All three products are included in the sample set yes.
      Did you perhaps straighten or flat iron your hair because it shouldn’t just go straight. Naturally curly hair will curl unless you apply chemicals or heat

  15. Tracy Van Wyk

    Hi there,
    I’ve always wanted to try going natural. My mom used Sheen straightener on my hair since I was young and I lost the curls in my hair. But when my regrowth comes out I can see it there. What is the process of hair care that I need to follow when using these products? Do i need to apply the products and make bantu knots to start off and leave my hair wet after applying the products? Or can I still blow out my hair?

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