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A: Our products are not sold in retail stores yet. We have chosen reps in certain areas to help distribute our products and help you save on the courier costs.

If you mail us we can send you the rep list, but we try to post it on our Facebook page regularly.

A: We send most of our orders via courier service and the Post Office at an additional charge. Local deliveries within Cape Town (excluding Paarl, Somerset West, Hout Bay, Atlantis) are charged at an additional R55. Delivery takes up to 3 days after EFT payment is received.

National deliveries are charged at additional R55 and delivery also takes up to 3 days after payment is received.

We send our rural area orders (areas like Upington, Calvinia, Springbok, Robertson and Worcester) via the Post Office at an additional R50 depending on the weight of the parcel. Normally its R55, but if you are buying a few products from us then they may charge more. Delivery via the Post Office takes up to 7 days. You are however able to track your order with the tracking number we get when sending your order.

Delivery is in working hours so please ensure you provide the address your will be at between 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Place your order at so we can forward you the payment details.

Our products are not chemicals that change the natural texture of your hair. Instead it helps moisturize your natural hair with the oils present in our products.

It depends on how chemically damaged your hair is, because the effects of a relaxer are permanent. If you’ve recently relaxed your hair, then try the bantu knots or twist outs.

Your curls are also dependent on the heat damage that you’ve experienced. If you flat iron and blow dry your hair weekly/daily then try using less heat and see how your curls are revived!

  1. The sulphate free shampoo helps preserve the natural oils your scalp produces. Sulphate removes those oils and you are often left with hair that feels ‘strum’ even though your scalp feels clean.

Our sulphate free shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft after washing.

Directions of use: You wet your hair as you would usually and then apply the shampoo (amount depends on the length of hair and how many times you like washing). Wash twice and rinse off all the shampoo.

  1. The deep conditioning treatment is a treatment for those days your hair desperately needs some moisture and shine. It’s used once or twice a week to give you that extra shine.

Directions for use: Apply the treatment to your wet hair and detangle with a wide tooth comb. Massage your scalp for 10 minutes then place a plastic bag/shower cap over your head. Keep it on for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse.

  1. Our curl activating cream is by far our best seller! It’s made with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Pomegranate Extract. It helps tame frizz and gives hair moisture and shine. The cream is a thick texture which helps coat dry and damaged hair nicely.
  2. Directions for use: Apply the cream to damp hair. Rake your fingers through your hair to make sure all your hair is covered in cream. You may use the cream to achieve your twist outs, braid outs or wash n go’s.
  1. Returning natural is a long process. Some ladies have gone through years of transitioning and others do the big chop. If you want to start off fresh, then the big chop is for you. It gives you an opportunity to revive your hair and start off new with healthier hair routine.
  2. If you don’t want to go the big chop route, then transitioning is for you. Transitioning is when you don’t want to do the big chop, so you wait for your natural hair to grow while working with the damaged, straight ends. Remember that your chemically damaged ends are extremely brittle so handle with care.
  3. Your hair needs to return to its natural state so having trims regularly is important.
  4. Try using less heat on your hair and you will see how your curls will form nicely.
  5. Try protective styles like bantu knots, twist outs and braid outs if your hair is not that curly yet. This will help you achieve the curly look even though your hair is not that curly naturally.
  6. Find a wash day routine that caters to your hairs needs. If your hair is oily then try not to use oil heavy creams and wash every 3rd If your hair is dry, then use oil based creams and wash every week.
  7. Buy a spray bottle and refresh your curls when they need hydration. Add some of your leave in conditioner to the spray bottle and give it a good shake. Spray this on your hair in the morning to get rid of unwanted frizz.
  8. Invest in a satin bonnet, so you can preserve your curls throughout the night. The satin bonnet helps minimize the frizz you get from rolling around in your sleep. Sleeping with your bonnet will help your curls look fresh the next morning!


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