Curl Chemistry Review

The product that claims to make your curls POP! Lets put it to the test…

Curl Chemistry – Shampoo The shampoo has a fruity, flowery and fresh scent, I’m totally in love with it! When you pour it out on your hand the consistency is not too thick, nor too runny. The shampoo, a beautifully crafted system is infused with rich botanical blend of shea butter, olive oil and pomegranate extract. The key feature of the shampoo is that it is curly girl friendly! What this means is that it’s sulphate and silicon free. It moisturizes hair and it eliminates frizz. How I Use It I lather it through all of my hair and gently massage my scalp as I shampoo, letting the foams run through my hair. Then I wash it off with normal temperature water. The shampoo lathers up very well and makes my hair squeaky clean. Even if I have oil in my hair, it removes every trace of oil and dirt from my hair leaving it fresh. Overall Verdict This is a great shampoo for normal to dry hair type beauties and any hair type. Always follow up with a deep-conditioner after using this shampoo. Always dry your hair with a microfibre towel or cotton tshirt to avoid frizz.

Curl Chemistry – Deep Conditioner To maintain healthy hair it’s very important to deep condition once a week and using the Curl Chemistry Deep Conditioner is ideal as same range products are made to compliment each other so they can provide best results. How I Use It Following the shampoo I apply the deep conditioner. The deep conditioner is also specially handcrafted with essential oils to help restore your hair’s moisture and body. I take a palm full of deep conditioner and spread the deep conditioner evenly throughout my hair. Paying special attention on my tips. After leaving the conditioner in my hair for approximately 20minutes, I wash it off completely with cold temperature water to seal in the moisture. I also would like to advise you to wash off all deep conditioner from the hair properly and not leave any product in the hair. Otherwise, this will result in product build up and hair will turn greasy quickly. Overall Verdict This deep conditioning treatment left my hair feeling moist and shiny!

Curl Chemistry – Curl Activating Cream This is where the magic happens! Have you experienced how magical it is to see your beautiful curls POP? The texture of the curl activating cream is thick, creamy. Just like the deep conditioner its rich botanical blend of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil and Pomegranate Extract makes up this magic potion. All these ingredients are essential for healthy hair and to stimulate hair growth. How I Use it After I deep condition, I rake the curl activating cream on the lengths of my hair from my ear till the ends of my hair. To get the perfect curl I may decide to shingle my hair or do some finger coils. I also air dry my hair, but if I’m in a hurry or there may be a change of season I may choose to diffuse. Once hair dried, I scrunch my hair and fluff hair out with an afro pick.

Overall Verdict I find the Curl Activating Cream does an excellent job, my curls are defined and hair feels moisturized. It provides enough hydration for my normal to dry hair and it’s free from Silicone, parabens. I am so proud of this Proudly South African Product, and its affordability makes me even happier! If you are a future curly sue or already a naturalista and haven’t tried this, what are you waiting for!

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